If a country would like to develop/improve its chemical accident prevention and preparedness programme and would like to seek UNEP’s support, what first steps does the country need to undertake?
A government focal point seeking UNEP´s support to review/improve/develop its chemical accident prevention and preparedness programme should submit an official request to UNEP briefly describing the scope of the assistance needed in order to initiate the design of a CAPP Programme Project proposal.

How are CAPP Programme Projects usually funded?
Ongoing CAPP Programme projects are funded through the Quick Start Programme Trust Fund in the framework of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (www.saicm.org) with additional funding and in-kind support from UNEP and individual countries.
Can UNEP support a country to develop a project funding application? 

UNEP is currently acting as executing agency for a number of CAPP Programme projects, this role includes providing guidance to national authorities to develop the application package that is submitted to the QSP Trust Fund Implementation Committee for approval.

If an organisation or expert is interested in helping a country improve chemical accident prevention and preparedness, in connection with the Flexible Framework Initiative, what steps can they take? CAPP Programme Projects generally consist of identification of the country’s situation on chemical risks; definition of needs and priorities for improved management of those risks; and institutional capacity building through training. Organisations and experts can help a country improve chemical accident prevention and preparedness at national level by taking part in training activities developed in the framework of the CAPP Programme Projects.

Are there specific requirements for the organisation to become a Technical Support Partner (TSP)?
Organisations with various technical skills and competencies in chemical accident prevention and preparedness interested in becoming a Technical Support Partner and wanting to support implementation of country level projects are welcomed to contact UNEP at capp@unep.org.

Can the Technical Support Partner organisation receive UNEP’s advice during a CAPP Programme Project?
To provide further support to CAPP Programme Projects, UNEP developed a Flexible Framework for Addressing Chemical Accident Prevention and Preparedness: An Implementation Support Package (ISP). The ISP includes guidance and materials for both countries wishing to follow the process described in the Flexible Framework Guidance as well as for external organisations and experts helping countries by providing training or other technical support. The TSP organisation will receive UNEP’s guidance based on previous experiences in implementing CAPP Programme Projects.

How can an expert volunteer to help with CAPP training activities?
An external expert wishing to contribute to CAPP training activities will help UNEP and the Implementing country with providing technical expertise and advice throughout the project. This can include participating in training workshops as a technical resource person to deliver presentations and  exercises on specific topics reflecting his/her own experience in implementing activities related to chemical accident prevention and the Implementing country’s specific circumstances. Typical topics include:  hazard identification, risk assessment, safety reporting, mapping of risks, legal frameworks, risk communication, safety management systems, emergency planning and others. If you would like to discuss details of possible engagement, please contact UNEP at capp@unep.org.

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