Country-Level Projects

Another component of the Flexible Framework Initiative has been the organisation of country-level projects (called CAPP Programme Projects). The overall purpose of these projects is to work with individual countries so that they can build the institutional capacity to revise and/or develop transparent, efficient and effective systems aimed at chemical accident prevention and preparedness.

CAPP Programme Projects help countries undertake the first three phases described in the Flexible Framework Guidance: the Initial, Assessment and Development Phases. For each Implementing Country, the Project involves:

  • the establishment of an inter-agency Task Force to facilitate collaboration and consultation among government bodies and, as appropriate, other stakeholders;
  • preparation of two documents - a Country Situation Report and, following a needs assessment, a Roadmap for moving forward with an appropriate CAPP Programme; and
  • organisation of training activities, in cooperation with the Technical Support Partner, to help officials, technical experts, and others to increase their understanding of issues related to chemical accident prevention and preparedness and improve the capacity of the officials and other experts more…

During the period from 2009-2012 all CAPP Programme Projects were started in response to a request by a country. UNEP has helped to organise the Projects and served as a Technical Support Partner (TSP). Two pilot Projects were started in 2009 in Cambodia and the Philippines and, building on this experience, UNEP has expanded its efforts in response to requests from other countries in Asia and in Africa, including Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Mali and Senegal.

Lessons learned from the CAPP Programme Projects implemented between 2009-2012 are captured in the Implementation Support Package (ISP) in the form of guidance and materials for both countries wishing to implement a CAPP Programme Project (called “Implementing Countries”) as well as for external organisations and experts helping Implementing Countries by providing training or other technical support (called collectively a “Support Team”). Furthermore, this web-portal has been established to provide a mechanism for updating and supplementing the information in the ISP.

UNEP was the Technical Support Partner (TSP) for all the CAPP Programme Projects initiated during 2009 - 2012. However, it is expected that this work will be replicated in additional countries with different organisations serving as TSPs, such as other UN bodies, regional or bilateral organisations, individual governments or non-governmental organisations.

Operating at a country level

What is a Country-Level Project?

Starting in 2009, UNEP has been organising Chemical Accident Prevent and Preparedness (CAPP) CAPP Programme Projects, consisting of support to individual countries in connection with their efforts to improve chemical accident prevention and preparedness using the Flexible Framework Guidance and the Implementation Support Package.

These Projects are designed to have UNEP or another Technical Support Partner (TSP) work with a country (called Implementing Country), engaging relevant local and regional organisations and training institutes as collaborating organisations, as well as key international and local experts. The TSP, collaborating organisations and experts serve as a Support Team to assist the Implementing Country.

CAPP Programme Projects support Implementing Countries to: identify the risks of chemical accidents; define the needs and priorities for improved management of chemical accident risks; engage all relevant stakeholders; improve understanding of key issues; and prepare a strategy for the development and implementation of a CAPP Programme. It should be underlined that each Implementing Country has ownership of its Project, and should not depend on the Technical Support Partner for project management.

The project usually takes place over a period of 18 to 24 months, although this differs among countries. It is important to recognise that the last event of the CAPP Programme Project (CAPP Launching Workshop) is not the end of the process but, rather, represents the starting point for launching a national CAPP Programme. A detailed description of the CAPP Programme Project can be found in the Implementation Support Package, Chapter 2.

CAPP Programme Projects

If your country is interested in improving its national chemical accident prevention and preparedness programme by implementing a CAPP Programme Project or if an organisation is interested in becoming a Technical Support Partner or partnering with UNEP to support country-level projects, please contact
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